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Desalted cod - Grand selection loin

This is the central part of the cod, a very thick, boneless product easy to slice.


  • Piece Approx. weight 250/500 g.
  • Approx. measurements 15 cm long x 7 cm Wide x 3.5 cm high.
  • Packed in trays of approx. ½ and 1 kg with modified atmosphere.
  • Store between 0º and 4º C.
  • Expiry date approx. 3 weeks.
  • Packaging 1: 12 trays x approx. 500 g.
  • Packaging 2: 10 trays x approx. 1000 g.
  • Species: Cod (Gadus Morhua).
  • Origen: Iceland/Faroe.
  • Product: Salt Cod, desalted, ready to eat, after cooking.
Product: Salt Cod, desalted, ready to eat, after cooking


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