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Cod: Desalting process

Salt cod is a processed form of cod which consists in drying the fish out using salt (salting). This presentation means it can be stored in a dry place for several months. The piece of salt cod is called a bacalada and is almost triangular in shape.

Tips for Correct Desalting

We recommend the desalting process be carried out in a refrigerator, submerging it in water from 36 to 48 hours, depending on the thickness of the cod, and changing the water four times in this period.

It can also be carried out in a container, if refrigerator is not available, but in this case ice cubes must be added.

It is very important to desalt it at a cold temperature to ensure the process is carried out slowly to maintain the firmness of the meat and prevent deterioration from heat. Before cooking, it should be dried a little, placing it on a tea towel is sufficient.


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