Cod with the same delicious taste

Why Santymar

The success of our products has nothing to do with marketing or advertising. We have spent many yearsbeing constant, carefully selecting raw materials and processing the cod in an artesanal way wich has led our costumers to believe in us.

Compared with other types of cod, at Bacalaos Santymar S.L. we ensure our products stand out for the following...

  1. Their anatomy, thicker cut and white colour providing the best presentation in our products.
  2. The careful selection and control of the raw materials.
  3. Our staff’s professionalism in the different handling processes.
  4. The processing where the latest techniques are used, whilst aiming to always maintain the essence of this product in order to conserve its qualities.
  5. For its food safety, guaranteed by a permanent automatic quality control of all the processes.
  6. For its speed and diligence in delivering orders, as a result of its organisation and important stock of raw materials in its warehouse.

We recommend you visit each section of the left-hand menu to find out a bit more about each of the production processes of our new facilities.


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