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Santymar, S.L. has used an automatic control system based on the HACCP methodology (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System), under the advice of INAL Consultores S.L., for over ten years.

This Automatic Control Plan guarantees the security of its products as it is complemented with the compliance with a series of internal requirements, such as:

  • Exclusive Purchase from Approved Suppliers
  • Cleaning and Disinfection Plan: This reflects the cleaning and disinfection needs of the different zones or areas of the company, and the procedure to follow for their execution and control, guaranteeing the elimination or reduction to acceptable levels of the dangers derived from inadequate cleaning and disinfection.
  • Pest Control Plan: Documentation which describes the system, products and controls which guarantee that the dangers derived from the presence of rodents and insects or from incorrect application are under control.
  • Guide to Good Hygiene Practice and Work Protocols: : Document describing the hygiene practice and work protocols to be followed in order to guarantee that the dangers derived from the work systems and the handlers are eliminated or reduced to acceptable levels.
  • Continuous Training Plan: This establishes the company’s policy regarding continuous training of food handlers and those involved in the automatic control system, indicating the training needs, methodology, contents, and registration and control system.
  • Maintenance and Calibration Plan: This document describes the method for detecting the preventive and corrective maintenance and calibration tasks to be carried out in the company in order to guarantee the correct condition of the apparatus, facilities and equipment to ensure the elimination or reduction to an acceptable level of dangers that may be derived from their incorrect operation.
  • Dividing into Lots and Traceability Plan:This document covers the method to achieve an integral system for traceability and dividing into lots for the products commercialised.

The operation of this system is guaranteed via verifications of the system in periodic internal and external inspections, and via microbiological and physicochemical controls of products, surfaces and machinery.

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